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Ubuntu isn't recognizing any use of the super key(s). Keyboard works 100% otherwise, just not registering at all when I press it. Happens with two different keyboards...

It's been working perfectly fine for a few months, I haven't consciously messed with the bindings or keyboard config. Just has completely stopped being recognized as of today. Tried restarting computer, resetting settings... nothing.

Even when I open keyboard layout under Settings > Region & Language > keyboard icon, where the layout can be seen and the keys light up on the screen when you press them, both super keys don't register.

Any ideas?

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  • Using 18.04.2 LTS here with Kernel Release 4.18.0-21-generic and Super Key (Right Win key as Compose Key) using Gnome Tweaks works fine. Have you set your Super Key to something else? – Graham Jun 13 at 7:32
  • OP has found a solution here: superuser.com/questions/1448134/… – DK Bose Jun 13 at 8:38

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