I connected my external HDD which is formatted in NTFS file format, I was able to read as well as write to it.

I have read that Linux can only read NTFS drives but can't write to them. How does this work?

P.S Will my HDD get corrupt if I connect it back to Windows system?

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    Ubuntu normally reads & writes to NTFS partitions without issue. But when NTFS needs repairs, you have to use Windows to run chkdsk or defrag it. And newer Windows 8 or 10 has fast start up which will set a hibernation flag on all NTFS partitions. Then Linux will not write to it to prevent damage. Make sure fast start up is off. askubuntu.com/questions/843153/… – oldfred Jun 12 at 22:47
  • @oldfred What about Winodws 7 that does not provide "fast startup feature"? – White Mars Jun 12 at 22:53
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    As long as you do not hibernate, it should work without issue. When dual booting we still suggest a shared NTFS data partition for any data you may want in both systems. Best not to set main Windows system, the c: drive, as read/write but as read only if you want access to it from Ubuntu. And use NTFS data partition as read/write partition. But still best with Ubuntu to use Linux formats like ext4 for most of your Linux data. – oldfred Jun 12 at 22:56
  • I agree with @oldfred. Ubuntu can read/write to NTFS HDD as long as the file system is clean. To permanently share files between Windows and Ubuntu, create a shared NTFS partition (do not use your C: drive for this). – heynnema Jun 12 at 23:32
  • @oldfred thnx. for solving this query and for sharing a nice tip. P.S The file system works by pointing the cluster of data in the drive and making a table of cluster start node and the reference pointer. The Windows must does this in the files which we cant see in Windows but we can see them in Linux. So if Linux is writing or reading the data from this file without updating the pointer reference table how could Windows know where are the need files located on the disk. As removing those windows file makes are drive useless if you plug them back into the Windows OS. – White Mars Jun 13 at 7:12

You can read and write NTFS in Ubuntu and you can connect your external HDD in Windows and it will not be a problem. To see how this works you can visit here.

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