I installed Firefox Dev on Ubuntu 18.04 per these instructions (marked as correct answer):
Error while installing Firefox Developer Edition on 18.04.1 LTS

When I search for Firefox Dev, Ubuntu only turns up the Firefox browser.

And in Terminal when I type firefox-dev --version I get "No such command".

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    Does anything come up when you run which firefox-dev in a terminal? That should list the path to the application if it is installed. You might also try locate -b firefox-dev. The package firefox-dev is available in Ubuntu repositories, so this method of installation you linked above may not be the best method: sudo apt update followed by sudo apt install firefox-dev should be all you have to do. – Nmath Jun 12 at 22:18
  • @Nmath I realized one must uninstall firefox brower, then try to install firefox developer. Thank you so much for your assistance (I'm a n00b at Linux) – Marium Jun 13 at 14:34

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