When I play different videos using vlc or totem, often the screen freezes or becomes totally black and computer stops responding to any input. If i immediately hit the "pause" (spacebar), then sometimes the screen blinks several times during several seconds and the computer returns back to normal execution. But often it becomes totally inaccessible, only Alt+SysRq+reisub (or reboot) helps.

Sometimes the audiostream continues to play, sometimes not. Sometimes computer remains available via smb, sometimes not.

Smplayer and Chromium never get this problem when playing videos. (so sad that smplayer's audio playback speed increasing feature sounds awful, unlike vlc's one) also, never had this problem on Windows on same computer.

I think it's somehow related to video drivers or something.

OS version is currently 18.10, but the bug appeared on this computer seems to me at 18.04 or 17.xx - don't remember exactly.

Graphics card is Radeon graphics HD 6370m.

Please help to fix that.

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