I am running a ubuntu bionic beaver server on my 12 year old dell dimension e520 desktop as a media and file server.

I use Juicessh android ssh client or putty on Windows to to connect to it and it works.

Though there is one thing I want to enable to make working on it more personalized and that is to have acii art at startup along with a login message aka mtod.

I have looked up some guides online but most of them are insanely oudated or I don't understand what to do.

I was thinking on putting an ascii of Strawhat Luffy from the anime and manga called One piece when I login to ssh.

Currently when I log onto ssh using Juicessh on my android device it displays nothing and I find that pretty boring.

If it could display some useful info at startup such as hard disk space and computer temperature that would be useful too.


If you want to print MOTD to the user after succesful login, then edit /etc/motd

sudo editor /etc/motd

If you want to print anything before, use SSHD Banner option.

Edit your SSHD config file:

sudo editor /etc/ssh/sshd_config

And add this:

Banner /etc/issue.net

Then you can define your Banner on login prompt in /etc/issue.net

sudo editor /etc/issue.net

This way your message will be visible before authorization.

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    Motd is not working for me and I created the file because it did not exist. Restarting my ssh client I don't get the message – Swedish ubuntugeek Jun 9 '19 at 1:40

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