• Model # Acer Spin SP-513-51-51PB-N16W1

  • CPU Intel i5-6200U @2.3 GHz dual core 4 logical cores

  • Ram: 16 GB DDR4

  • Hard drive: NVMe m.2 ssd 1 TB

  • GPU: Intel HD 520

  • OS: Dual boot of Windows 10 home Ver 1809 KB4497934 and Lubuntu 18.04.2

    • The Ram and SSD are upgrades

So here goes I want to have 4 OS, an Andriod OS preferably Phoenix OS, Lubuntu, Windows 10, and mac OSx. If you ask me why it's quite literally becuase it seems like fun. Yeah I know bad reason but it's a reason nonetheless.

As I said in my specs I have Lubuntu and Windows 10 installed currently, but would rather not lose them if it all possible. I keep everything in a cloud so it's not the end of the world if I have to restart just a headache to restore that I'd rather not deal with.

I'm not sure what other info I'd need to provide but I will provide it if needed.

I've tried installing Phoenix OS via this guide then added the both .efi files in the bios like it says here but it doesn't show in grub. I might have to update it so I'll get back to you after that. Using sudo update-grub does not work sadly.

  • @ThomasWard I've seen multiple posts here asking how to dual boot ubuntu with other OS including mac osx and andriod forks whats wrong with asking for multiboots? I don't really see how those are different. The tag dual boot is even described as "For questions involving the installation of two or more operating systems on the same computer." There's also a tag for macosx. – Mage in the Barrel Jun 7 at 16:24
  • 1
    Dual-boot of MacOS and Ubuntu in Apple's hardware is fine. "Hackintosh" isn't legal so the problem starts right there. And even ignoring that an considering only the part that you already have have Windows + Ubuntu, adding other non-Ubuntu OSes is hey the scope of the website, it's off-topic. – GabrielaGarcia Jun 7 at 18:18

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