resolvectl is no longer part of the bionic systemd package:

bionic search for resolvectl

cosmic search for resolvectl

I'm curious why it was removed and what we should be using as an alternative?

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resolvectl was never part of the systemd package in Bionic. Per the systemd changelog, systemd-resolve was renamed to resolvectl in systemd 239, but Bionic has systemd 237. Thus in Bionic it is systemd-resolve.

  • I was confused about the release names. cosmic is actually after bionic... [sigh]
    – ericx
    Jun 7, 2019 at 16:04

The syntax is a bit different from systemd-resolve (please check man resolvectl)

# Reset interface dns settings
sudo resolvectl revert your_interface

# Sets your_dns_ip on a your_interface
sudo resolvectl dns your_interface your_dns_ip

# Sets your_domain_name on a your_interface
sudo resolvectl domain your_interface your_domain_name

# Check
sudo resolvectl dns
sudo resolvectl domain

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