I want to download an executable and execute it in one step, while providing arguments to the executable.

I managed to figure out to download+execute by using a pipe:

wget -O - http://xrl.us/cpanm | perl

This executes the cpanm executable via perl.

Now I want to add an argument, say A:

wget -O - http://xrl.us/cpanm | perl A

This no longer works. I am now getting Cannot write to ‘-’ (Success)..

How can this be done?


You can put perl script arguments after programname which in this case is the standard input (-). So, I think, this is what you ask:

wget -O - http://xrl.us/cpanm | perl -- - A


wget -O - http://xrl.us/cpanm | perl -- - --help

See: perlrun man page for more details.

Note: From the manual page:

A "--" signals the end of options and disables further option processing. Any arguments after the "--" are treated as filenames and arguments.

In other words, -- terminates the perl arguments. After that we put the file name containing the script (in our case this is the standard input which is indicated by a -) and then the arguments to the script.


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