I got an error that I'm running out of disk space while syncing dropbox, so I had to delete some files. The strange thing is that the "disk usage analyzer" reported that I had about 15GB free space.

After deleting some data I used the command "df -lh" in the terminal, and here both the size of the volume, and the free space is different than in the disk usage analyzer. Currently I have 46.5GB out of 263.8GB free space reported from the disk usage analyzer. From the terminal, I get 31GB out of 246GB free space. Why are these different?

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Try running disk usage analyzer as sudo -- open your terminal and run:

sudo baobab

(apparently that's the machine name of disk usage analyzer)


Inconsistencies between what DUA shows and what terminal shows seem to be a known (albeit annoying) "quirk". The thread I mentioned above, and its accepted answer, indicate that significant inconsistencies are commonly due to sudo/non-sudo access, but also can be due to how DUA analyzes system folders, and mounted devices. The asker/answerer on that thread mentions unmounting certain mounted devices. Section 5 of this Ubuntu Forums tutorial explains that DUA only reports on mounted devices. (...and, section 7 of ^^that tutorial has additional comments about reporting inconsistencies.)


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