Since updating to latest ubuntu and vscode, I can't launch gnome-terminal from vscode.

If I try launch gnome-terminal in vscode's terminal or via an extension then I get:

Error creating terminal: Failed to get screen from object path /org/gnome/Terminal/screen/some-uuid-here

Ubuntu 19.04
GNOME Shell 3.32.1
GNOME Terminal 3.32.1
VSCode 1.34.0


I just faced the same issue and now found a workarround. You can launch the terminal by unsetting the GNOME_TERMINAL_SCREEN environment variable.

To launch gnome-terminal from vscode:

> GNOME_TERMINAL_SCREEN="" gnome-terminal

  • Actually the latest vscode update seems to have fixed the issue, but your solution is good for those who haven't upgraded yet. Thanks! – lonix Jun 9 '19 at 6:23

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