I am running xfreedrp on Ubuntu 16.04 connecting to Windows 10. Everything goes fine if I run $~: xfreerdp -f -u -p ip.of.target.pc

Now I am trying to get dual monitor working and the /monitor command need me to do $~: xfreerdp -f -multimon -monitors:0,1 -u -p /v:ip.of.target.pc I got error:

/v -> /v:/v /port:10
loading channel cliprdr
connect: No such file or directory
Error: protocol security negotiation or connection failure

If I do not specify using /v:, then I get error:error: server hostname was not specified with /v:<server>[:port]


So I think it is some issue with how xfreerdp parsing the command. I fixed the issue with: xfreerdp /v:ip.of.target.pc /u:user /multimon -f /fonts --plugin

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