When I install lubuntu into my windows xp laptop, I chose the LVM installation. I now want to remove lubuntu. If I remove lubuntu, would the windows xp still in my laptop. Or the LVM installation has erased windows xp from the hard disk? Is there a way to remove lubuntu while preserving windows xp in the hard disk?

  • I know windows xp may already be erased from the hard disk. but I still want to try to see if windows is still there. How do I remove Lubuntu ? – Peter3498 Jun 3 at 15:56
  • You can just remove the linux partition(s). Any time you are messing with partitions you should make backup. FYI: WinXP has been out of service for a very very long time - please do not connect this machine to the internet – Nmath Jun 3 at 15:57
  • LVM install is normally a full drive install which erases all other partitions. Post this: sudo parted -l. If no NTFS partition, you then do not have Windows. You probably have a /boot & second partition containing all the LVM volumes. – oldfred Jun 3 at 16:02
  • LVM erases the whole drive. If now it boots Lubuntu directly you can be pretty sure no Windows remains but if you want to be really sure you can open Disks and check the partitions yourself. And, as already commented you shouldn't be using XP. Needless to say if you delete Lubuntu there will be no OS to boot from (even if you managed to make a dual-boot you'd still need to boot Windows Media to replace it's bootloader). So, honk twice before doing something you will regret. – GabrielaGarcia Jun 3 at 16:03

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