i to want to connect from my Computer to my outside Database .

SSH information from my Web-Host

SSH IP: .224.138. SSH Port: 65002 SSH Username: 2907***** SSH Password: ***********

I have a File on /var/www/html/provess.php which connect to my Database on my Host (it is outside from my Computer) , the code here


ssh -p 65002 2907***** @***.224.138.***

Can connect to my Host .

When try,

In my Firefox , give on SOCKS-Host -> Port: 8080 , to connect .

on Terminal write,

ssh -D 8080 -C -N -p 65002 2907*****@***.224.138.*** 

asked from my password

and on the Browser write,


I to come, Not connection....

I have same to try in localhost (all on my computer , Datebase too..) , and all working gut , Screenshot from the Browser , when write localhost/provess.php (but here the name File is prove_comment..) , here

How have my File sshd_config here

With these Code Check if the remote host allow tunneling.

ssh -p 65002 -v -L 3333:***.224.138.***:65002 2907*****@***.224.138.***

the tunnel is established correctly .

I want , when write on my Browser localhost/provess.php , it Display the Table with inside the content from my Database(name , email and message) .In a connection with SSH and Tunnel .

Can Please anyone Help me , Thanks !


So , People tell me , it is possible easy to making....

I to let my File provess.php on my Website , than Write on my Browser ,




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