This question reveals that Alt+` switches windows within a program just like Alt+Tab switches between open programs. Wow neat, thought I, I've always wondered why Alt+Tab didn't do this the way Windows does.

On my non-US keyboard layout, the grave accent is not above the Tab key. It's a dead key next to Backspace.
For one thing the placement of ` makes it really cumbersome to type; and second, it doesn't work because it's a dead key.

I'd like this to work. How can I either:

  • reassign Alt+` to Alt + [whatever key is above Tab in my layout]1), or
  • make the Alt+Tab switch between open programs and windows (like in MS Windows)?

1) I'm using a Danish (DK) layout, but this likely affects many non-US layouts so a generic answer would help more people.


Ah, I found an answer after posting the above: Apparently the shortcut is not the grave-accent specifically but rather "whatever key is above Tab in your current layout" -- exactly as I wanted!


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