I am trying to install Python 2.7.8 and Python 3.6.7 using Pyenv but I have always the same problem:

ERROR: The Python ssl extension was not compiled. Missing the OpenSSL lib?

BUILD FAILED (Ubuntu 18.04 using python-build 20180424)

Inspect or clean up the working tree at /tmp/python-build.20190531162212.22464
Results logged to /tmp/python-build.20190531162212.22464.log

Last 10 log lines:
        install|*) ensurepip="" ;; \
    esac; \
     ./python -E -m ensurepip \
        $ensurepip --root=/ ; \

I have tried all the possibilities in the pyenv common problems and changed the OPENSSL version.

  • Please add pyenv versions , openssl version – Nico Coallier Jun 3 '19 at 19:33

I think what happened is a path issue between your python version and your pyenv python version.

You must have hardcoded the python version through an alias or something into the .bashrc file.

Just :

  • uninstall pyenv
  • go into the bashrc file and remove python alias
  • install pyenv again
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  • Thank's! Your recommendation solved my problem for the Python 3.6.7 installation! I still have the same issue for the python 2.7.8 installation, but the major problem ( being able to install a stable version of python 3.6 ) is solved! – Pau Al Jun 3 '19 at 22:02
  • You might wanna stick with python3 if you don't need python2 for a specific reason since python2 is going to be discontinued – Nico Coallier Jun 3 '19 at 23:46

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