I need to know what are the hardware requirements to deploy the charmed-kubernetes charm.

I tried unsuccessfully (installation never ends) on this configuration:

hardware: notebook with Intel i7 and 32Gb RAM

VM: three kvm vm with 8 processors and 8Gb RAM

Cloud: three node LXD cluster

Controlling workstation on which juju is run

All machines have Kubuntu 18.04. LXD is version 3.12 snap installed

I used the command

juju deploy charmed-kubernetes

After 3 hours the process never ended.

After a complete restart from the hardware I end up in this situation:

Model    Controller          Cloud/Region        Version  SLA          Timestamp
default  lxd-remote-default  lxd-remote/default  2.6.2    unsupported  10:50:30+02:00

App                    Version  Status   Scale  Charm                  Store       Rev  OS      Notes
easyrsa                3.0.1    active     0/1  easyrsa                jujucharms  248  ubuntu  
etcd                   3.2.10   active       3  etcd                   jujucharms  426  ubuntu  
flannel                0.10.0   active     1/3  flannel                jujucharms  417  ubuntu  
kubeapi-load-balancer  1.14.0   active     0/1  kubeapi-load-balancer  jujucharms  642  ubuntu  exposed
kubernetes-master      1.14.2   waiting    1/2  kubernetes-master      jujucharms  678  ubuntu  
kubernetes-worker      1.14.2   waiting    2/3  kubernetes-worker      jujucharms  536  ubuntu  exposed

Unit                     Workload     Agent      Machine  Public address  Ports     Message
easyrsa/0                unknown      lost       0               agent lost, see 'juju show-status-log easyrsa/0'
etcd/0                   active       idle       1     2379/tcp  Healthy with 3 known peers
etcd/1*                  active       idle       2      2379/tcp  Errored with 0 known peers
etcd/2                   active       idle       3     2379/tcp  Errored with 0 known peers
kubeapi-load-balancer/0  unknown      lost       4    443/tcp   agent lost, see 'juju show-status-log kubeapi-load-balancer/0'
kubernetes-master/0*     waiting      executing  5     6443/tcp  (leader-elected) Waiting for 6 kube-system pods to start
flannel/1*             active       idle                     Flannel subnet
kubernetes-master/1      unknown      lost       6    6443/tcp  agent lost, see 'juju show-status-log kubernetes-master/1'
flannel/0              unknown      lost                    agent lost, see 'juju show-status-log flannel/0'
kubernetes-worker/0*     maintenance  executing  7              (upgrade-charm) Checking resources
kubernetes-worker/1      maintenance  executing  8               (upgrade-charm) Checking resources
kubernetes-worker/2      unknown      lost       9              agent lost, see 'juju show-status-log kubernetes-worker/2'
flannel/2              unknown      lost                    agent lost, see 'juju show-status-log flannel/2'

Machine  State    DNS           Inst id        Series  AZ  Message
0        down   juju-1627e9-0  bionic      Stopped
1        started   juju-1627e9-1  bionic      Running
2        started    juju-1627e9-2  bionic      Running
3        started   juju-1627e9-3  bionic      Running
4        down  juju-1627e9-4  bionic      Stopped
5        started   juju-1627e9-5  bionic      Running
6        down  juju-1627e9-6  bionic      Stopped
7        started  juju-1627e9-7  bionic      Running
8        started   juju-1627e9-8  bionic      Running
9        down  juju-1627e9-9  bionic      Stopped


And I see a countinous access to the hard disk.

In my past experience this indicates insufficient hardware to complete the installation.

So, what are the minimum hardware requirements to deploy charmed kubernetes?

  • LXD and the CDK, out of the box, does not work well together. Your best bet would probably be to try conjure-up which uses a modified app-profile with the needed permissions for writing to disk etc. source – user3499430 Jun 3 at 12:45
  • My first attempt was to use conjure-up; but it fails ending (after six hours) in a never ending installation. Tried also with kubuntu-core charm with the same results. – Mirto Busico Jun 3 at 13:35

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