I have a RAR archive file, and I get this "Prefix found" error message when I try to extract its contents using the built-in Archive Manager (file-roller 3.28.0) in Ubuntu 18.04:

An error occurred while extracting files. Prefix found

I would assume that if it can read the archive's file list, then it could also extract the files. I was able to extract the file using the unrar command in the terminal, but I would still like to know what's wrong with Archive Manager, and if there's a way to fix it so that it can extract RAR files.


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This problem depends on missing "unrar" package. To solve on "debian like" system:

sudo apt install unrar


sudo apt install unrar-free

When you install unrar in Ubuntu, it came with unrar-free too. This not should be a problem.

You're problem might be caused by permissions restrictions.

Try to use unrar from a terminal with:

sudo unrar e <file_name>

This will unrar the .rar file in the same directory of the file.

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