I have a three node lxd cluster (kvmnode1, kvmnode2, kvmnode3) and a control workstation (kvmnode0). All machines are Kubuntu 18.04.

On kvmnode0 I added this lxd cluster as a juju cloud

sysop@kvmnode0:~$ juju clouds
Clouds on controller "lxd-remote-default":

Cloud       Regions  Default  Type  Description
lxd-remote        1  default  lxd   

Then when I try


I don't see lxd-remote cloud and I cannot install anything on this cloud

I can I tell conjure-up to use this cloud?


sysop@kvmnode0:~$ sudo snap list
[sudo] password di sysop: 
Name        Version              Rev    Tracking  Publisher   Notes
conjure-up  2.6.8-20190524.1505  1054   stable    canonical✓  classic
core        16-2.39              6964   stable    canonical✓  core
core18      20190508             970    stable    canonical✓  base
juju        2.6.2                7781   stable    canonical✓  classic
lxd         3.13                 10756  stable    canonical✓  -

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