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I have a 64bit machine but because of some graphical troubles,i was obliged to install ubuntu 32bit.Now I need to install indesign 64bit trough Wine.Do you think there is a way to install 64bit apps on my 32bit OS as I have 64bit machine performance?

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If you’re using 64-bit hardware and 32-bit OS, you cannot run 64-bit applications directly but you should be able to run a 64-bit OS in a virtual machine and run your 64-bit applications in it.

For VirtualBox specifically, see also:


If you are running a 32bit OS, it is not possible to install 64bit applications. It works the other way around. You can run 32bit applications on a 64bit OS, but not 64bit application on a 32bit OS, because the 32bit OS can handle only a certain amount of instructions, whereas a 64bit OS can handle a lot more than the 32bit OS. So there will be conflict on the 32Bit OS on the processor's bus.

  • So I should probably run 64bit os for installing the 64bit apps...But once i install it the desktop environment just disappear and reappear repeatedly.I have an old machine. – Mr Peter May 30 at 10:24
  • You can try lighter version such as lubuntu or xubuntu. They work better on old hardware. – Ijlal Haider May 30 at 15:24

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