On my home network, I have a RaspberryPi with a mounted External SSD connected to my router via Ethernet.

I am trying to access the files on that SSD via my Laptop with Ubuntu.

Currently, I went to the Files Explorer, then went to "+ Other Locations" and accessed the drive by going to smb:// I can successfully see the drive, and can access the folders.

However, it is incredibly slow. I have a folder of images in there, and just loading them in the list view takes roughly 5 minutes. Then, opening one of the images (~2MB) takes more than 3 minutes, so I just cancel it. Then, if I try to go back to the main directory of the Storage SSD, it takes 10+ minutes to load the list of folders there...I just see the spinning icon nonstop.

I had originally set up the Pi to be accessed with Samba on my Windows computer, and it can browse that same folder much faster.

Is there something I'm not doing to set this up for access with Ubuntu? I'm surprised it takes such a long time to even just view the files in the list view.

edit: I've also added it via ssh:// and can get in to it, seems a little faster but is still kind of slow. Is that my best option?

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