I recently had a problem with ubuntu and I decided to format the hard drive with DBAN and when reinstalling ubuntu, I could not because I received this message:

[sdb] No Caching mode page found
[sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through

Later I tried to install Lubuntu and I got the same error.

My (linux) pc specs:

  • Intel i3 3,6 Gz
  • Nvidia Gt 730
  • 2Gb Ram
  • Please see askubuntu.com/questions/821674/… for a solution. – Kelvinator May 28 at 21:09
  • perhaps try to format it using Disks (gnome-disk-utility) from the live USB. DBAN wipes every single bit to 0 (or whatever erase method you chose), which also means it does not have a partition scheme, partition table, or file system. FYI DBAN is totally unnecessary and a waste of time unless you plan on disposing of the drive. – Nmath May 28 at 21:17

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