I am using my Ubuntu LTS 18.04 to hotspot an internet connection to various other devices, but I would like this to be the default configuration, but when I restart the system I currently have to switch the hotspot on again each time.

How can I make the hotspot the default setting for my wifi device?

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Ok, Instead of Turning the Hotspot on via GUI Every time.. you can add a Startup Applications Preference for your Hotspot Connection..

to add the command to Startup Applications Preferences, you need to know your connection name..

to know the connection name..

either run nm-connection-editor and look for the required connection

enter image description here

or once the Hotspot is on, run nmcli device show | grep GENERAL.CONNECTION:


parrot@i7-4770U:~$ nmcli device show | grep GENERAL.CONNECTION:
GENERAL.CONNECTION:                     MyHotSpot
GENERAL.CONNECTION:                     --
GENERAL.CONNECTION:                     --

So the required connection name is MyHOtSpot

to turn on and off this connection, the below commands are used..

nmcli connection up MyHotSpot
nmcli connection down MyHotSpot

enter image description here

So to turn on the HotSpot at every boot..

add the command nmcli connection up MyHotSpot to Startup Application Preferences like this

enter image description here

the below pic is a automatic gnome-screenshot with delay of 10 secs after a reboot which shows Hotspot is On.

enter image description here

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