I have tried to get Kubuntu to use my multimedia keys, and I cannot figure out how to do this. This feature is default in Ubuntu and in Linux Mint. They just work. I have followed the KUbuntu wiki post on Multimedia keys. I tried to enable Multimedia maps with xmodmap. It did not work. I tried to use the KDE GUI and could not seem to make the function I wanted work.

The functions I am trying to get to work are

  • fn+F12 = skip song
  • fn+F11 = previous song
  • fn+F10 = stop
  • fn+ F9 = play/pause.

I know this is possible because it worked in Ubuntu and in Mint, but it does not work in Kubuntu. I have submitted a bug report on this issue.

Disclaimer: I am using Kubuntu 12.04

I have looked at this post, but Is there a way to enable Ubuntu Keyboard shortcuts in Kubuntu? do not know what to call the keys in that program.


KDE assigns keyboard shortcuts on a per app basis. If you are using Amarok, for example, click on the Settings menu item and then the third item under that Configure shortcuts. This will open a dialogue with all the Amarok actions and 3 separate shortcut options for each action.

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