I set an at scheduler command like

at -f **its_time** 23:57

when in the its_time file I put

libreoffice /home/user/ist_time.odt

I scheduled but the "system" or whatever is removing yourself my at commands. I check atq and they are there. But when the time’s up, the at command doesn't execute.

What’s going on?


Read man at. Your at job doesn't have access to your DISPLAY, and libreoffice wants access. If you want to access your display, read man xhost, and add export DISPLAY=:0 to your at job.

Beware: The at environment differs from your interactive environment. I often run (echo "=== set ===";set;echo "=== env ===";env | sort;echo "=== alias ===";alias) in various environments to keep track. I've used this in at, batch, cron, interactive, interactive ssh, non-gui, ssh and term environments.

  • Thanks man. I need to study more. This is another level that i am not still in. Thanks – Tarcilo May 27 at 3:57

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