I have Toshiba qsmio-500 running Windows 10 in hdd 2. One week ago I installed Ubuntu 19.04 in its first hdd. But after installation only black letter and green ok letter appear many times. After I installed Ubuntu in same hdd but in my another Dell laptop and I transferred it in toshiba laptop, where it run but there was not nvidia. I downloaded it and installed. But when the installation completed again the screen was full of black letter and green ok. I tried many times withhout success. I want Ubuntu in one hdd. Please help me.

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    we need to know what the video card is in order to be of much help. – kc1di May 25 at 9:45
  • See other topics in the Related section of this page. It is on the right of this page. ➘ – FedonKadifeli May 25 at 13:24

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