When I installed lubuntu 18.04 with option "Along side with windows X" it was installed on the unallocated space without swap partition. My system started to freezing randomly so I switched to Kubuntu. unfortunately I installed kubuntu without swap partition. (because at the time of installation I didn't know the swap partition is necessary and lack of swap was actually freezing by lubuntu). Kubuntu started to freezing so I searched on the internet and found the reason. so I used the code sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=0 to turn off swappiness and kubuntu stopped freezing. Even though I have set the value of swappiness to 0 it sometimes getting the value 60 automatically and system starts to freeze again so I have to set it to 0 again and again. So my first question is how to set this value permanently to 0. 2) to solve this is issue I tried to create a swap partition but in my case the command sudo swapon --show returns a swapfile already available with 2GB space.so my next question is, if the swap file is already available then why my ubuntu is still freezing while swappiness=60.

all I want is to stop my system from freezing. konsole output on swappiness

@heynnema I have added the konsole output of /etc/fstab konsole output of /etc/fstab

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    Default install now uses a swapfile. Only if you already have a swap partition will it use that swap partition. How much RAM do you have. If over 2GB, freezing not related to swap. My old laptop with 1.5GB would pause & go grey for several seconds when it used swap. I just learned not to load multiple large apps at one time. What brand/model system? What video card/chip? If you can get to terminal when it freezes, check these: top to see what is running and free -m to see is swap used. – oldfred May 24 at 17:00
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    Do you have a Bay Trail or Cherry Trail CPU from Intel? – WinEunuuchs2Unix May 24 at 17:22
  • Edit your question and show me free -h and cat /etc/fstab. I'll tell you later how to set vm.swappiness permanently. Start comments to me with @heynnema or I may miss them. – heynnema May 24 at 20:50
  • @oldfred My processor is intel core 2 CPU 6600 2.4 GHz and Physical Memory is 3.4 GB , Intel GMA 950 Graphics. last time I had lubuntu 16.04 on this system for 2 years and it never freezed. – Chandresh 204 May 25 at 15:34
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    @oldfred problem is finally solved. it was a hardware problem. I did a memTest86 on my both RAMs and found one of them producing errors so I removed it and now system has stopped freezing. – Chandresh 204 May 27 at 17:16

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