In Ubuntu 14.04 I had the following system running which is basically described here and also here. One element of this is that the 'From:' address is taken from /etc/ssmtp/revaliases:


and the 'username@gmail.com' was used as 'From:' when I issued a mail like echo -e "Hi there" | mail -s Test user@example.com

In a new installation of Ubuntu 18.04, the 'From:' is now

 Clearname <username@hostname>

where clearname is the name string in /etc/passwd, username is the linux username, and hostname is the linux host name (although changing it with 'hostname' does not alter the result).

Of course, this e-mail address is not going to work, I would like to supply my real address. It seems like new versions of GMail or SSMTP have broken this useful and essential feature.

I would be grateful for help!

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