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I installed Kubuntu 18.04 as a dual boot with Windows 10, recently, on my Dell Inspiron 3543. Bluetooth is working fine, but Wi-Fi is not working. I have tried almost every possible fix available in the internet, but still could not have it up and running. Ethernet is working fine. And wifi works fine in Windows 10.

I have Broadcom Wi-Fi card.

Snapshot of Information from kubuntu Driver Manager System Information

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Is secure boot enabled on the laptop BIOS? That can definitely prevent it from working. I actually had the same Broadcom card in my laptop and disabling secure boot fixed the problem.

  • I will give that a try – Srijan Mukherjee May 23 at 18:24
  • -_- ............. It worked. – Srijan Mukherjee May 23 at 18:27
  • Does turning it off cause any problem? – Srijan Mukherjee May 23 at 18:28
  • It's a security measure against malware and other system attacks. I've never enabled it before (on purpose). It's more relevant to Windows systems. – dannyjerome0 May 23 at 18:49
  • 1
    Okay and thank you so much for the help. – Srijan Mukherjee May 23 at 18:57

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