I have a system with 4gb of RAM and Intel i5 processor. I want to know how much memory I should allocate to SWAP. Will allocating more memory help increase the system performance.

In the past i have always allocated 4gb for SWAP.


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Swap is what is used when you run out of RAM.

RAM is fast. SWAP is SLOWWWWWW (being as its mechanical (hard disk) as opposed to ram (purely electronic)).

In the old days, you allocated double the amount of RAM you had to swap. These days its not such a hard and fast rule. 2-4gb is the usual.

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  • This will also depend on the speed of your disk: if you have a Samsung 950 PRO, you can probably afford a bit more on it as swap.
    – anonymous2
    Oct 7, 2016 at 13:47

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