My ubuntu is 18.04, and if I boot my computer with the press of the Tab(It just show the purple screen, then display the login screen) and it will boot normally. But if without press the Tab(This time it just black, and nothing else), my computer will always be a black screen. I can't figure out what problem is it. Can someone help me? If you need some more other information, Please let me know?

  • Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Please edit your question to specify when you press Tab and what happens. Is it displaying the GRUB menu, for example? Do you then keep the default option in GRUB? Adding some screenshots could help. What’s your hardware specification? (I guess it might be related to graphics.) – Melebius May 22 at 8:28

I had the same issue. When your computer starts press ESC key and it'll take you to the system setup settings with BIOS and everything. Then select System Recovery ,in mine I had to press F11 for System Recovery it might be different in yours. You'll then be directed to the Ubuntu advanced settings screen where you can run Ubuntu in recovery mode . After you run it in recovery , select

Update or remove broken dpkg in grub

Then you'll be get a screen with multiple options select the first option that is install new software and press y for everything.

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