I'm following the instructions at The charmed distribution of kubernetes

But seems that the kubernetes spell doesn't exist

sysop@kvmnode1:~$ sudo snap install conjure-up --classic
[sudo] password di sysop: 
conjure-up 2.6.7-20190521.1305 from Canonical✓ installed
sysop@kvmnode1:~$ conjure-up canonical-kubernetes
[error] Can't find a spell matching 'canonical-kubernetes'

How can I install kubernetes using conjure-up?

  • What happens if you just run conjure-up ? – NGRhodes May 21 '19 at 18:34

This is unfortunate. I'll file a bug with the conjure-up team. Charmed Kubernetes recently rebranded from Canonical Kubernetes. It's possible that the spell name has also been updated without changing the documentation.

In the meantime, you can run conjure-up interactively. It knows the right spell to cast.

$ conjure-up

Screenshot of running conjure-up directly

That gives you the advantage of being able to customise your installation. Here is the next page of the output:

Screenshot of options available after selecting Charmed Kubernetes in conjure-up

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