On Windows it is possible to enable revealing the mouse pointer position by pressing the CTRL key.

Is this possible in Gnome? There doesn't seem to be a setting, unless it's hidden somewhere.

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What you want is hidden in the CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM) Accessibility settings.

sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager 

and then:

  • Open CCSM
  • Navigate to Accessibility
  • Click the checkbox before Show mouse
  • Click on Show mouse
  • Click on the first button after Initiate
  • Press a key combination!
    (Ctrl by itself will not work: I have it set to Super+K: the "Windows key" + "K")
  • Click OK
  • Now press the key combination you just took

and it'll show you a flaming whirlwind of stars around your cursor impossible to miss:

enter image description here


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    Used to use that on Unity 16.04 , one of my favorite Compiz features – Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy May 18 at 21:34
  • Although this might be a good solution, installing Compiz only to enable this feature is overkill. Compiz was installed with Unity but not with Gnome AFAIK. Thanks anyway. – To Do May 20 at 7:18

I don't expect this to win "best answer", but there's always the old "xeyes" method.

Placing one at each top corner even lets you triangulate the position.

two sets of animated eyes looking at the cursor

  • Funny and functional! :-) +1 – Fabby May 19 at 8:38

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