I've had this on both Elementary Loki (16.04) and Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

The computer screen will not turn off after the 5 minutes I have set in the power settings.

I tried running the command xset s 300. xset q would show that it was successful. I'd then come back to the computer five minutes later only to observe that the screen is still on. xset q would show that my setting was somehow reset!

I'm not sure what to do. My graphics are Intel Integrated Graphics which do not seem to require an additional driver.

  • Please advise the make and model of the motherboard (or if not a desktop, look underneath for the model number from the serial number plate). Then, click edit to add that most useful information to the original question. Please do not click [Add Comment] as comments pile up, and then some get shoved off the screen. – K7AAY May 16 at 16:46

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