I installed Android Studio (ver 3.4). When I created AVD, it shows me a warning: /dev/kvm device: permission denided. Troubleshoot. I push "Troubleshoot", then it shows grant curent user access to /dev/kvm. I tried sudo adduser "user" or sudo chown "user" /dev/kvm, but it did not work and return "invalid user" or some error?

How can I solve this problem? I'm very very happy to listen your idea.

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  • If you did this sudo chown "user" /dev/kvm, then it should have been this sudo chown $USER /dev/kvm! – George Udosen May 16 at 11:20

Install kvm using command

sudo apt install qemu-kvm

then execute these commands

sudo adduser $USER kvm

sudo chown $USER /dev/kvm

restart system once done

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