I recently updated my system to Ubuntu 19.04.

For some reason .desktop launchers seem to no longer work in Nautilus. They are now recognized as text files instead of being rendered as actual shortcuts:

Screenshot - Nautilus

this happens in Nautilus only. In comparison, this is how the same shortcut looks inside Nemo right now

Screenshot - Nemo

(I've tried the same with Caja and Thunar, everything working there)

Is this another design decision of the GNOME people, or is it just simply something that broke during the release upgrade?

Important note (maybe): I'm on Unity 7

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    Right click and select properties, then permissions and choose "allow to executing file as a program". – George Udosen May 16 at 11:26
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    The file is marked as executable. As mentioned it's working in other file managers – Leso_KN May 16 at 14:29

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