I'm trying to install Kubuntu 19.04 from the iso image in a VM running running under Virtualbox in Windows 10. Unfortunately the screen resolution during install seems to be fixed at 800x600 and the graphical installer is unsuable at that resolution:

enter image description here

Notice the "Next" button outside the screen?

Is there a way to either switch to a larger resolution from Virtualbox or make the installer usable at 800x600?

  • Are you sure you aren't using a VGA graphics mode in virtual box (on your host), ie. check your windows 10 virtual box settings. – guiverc May 16 at 8:33

I had seen the same issue trying to install Kubuntu 17.10 and 18.04 in VirtualBox.

The workaround in post #8 in the thread to which I linked above, is just to grab the title bar of the installer window and drag it to the left till the next or continue buttons are visible.

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