I am unable to launch Irfanview in Ubuntu 18.04. It shows as installed, but won't launch. I don't get an error message. Nothing at all happens.

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    How did you install Irfanview? Which version did you install? Can you try running it in a terminal? – FliegendeWurst May 15 at 20:10

There is no irfanviewon Linux. It's windows-only application.

Be careful installing anything from .deb files or any other binaries that pretends to be irfanview, because it can be a malware.

However you can try to install irfanview with wine.

sudo apt install wine
wine iview453_x64_setup.exe

In case it doesn't work look for alterantives in Ubuntu Software app or here: https://alternativeto.net/software/irfanview/?platform=linux

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    I think this is how they installed it, they probably are missing the requisite libraries – Thomas Ward May 15 at 20:20

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