"Sloppy focus" is such a great productivity helper but Ubuntu 19.04 seems to have removed it.

The new "focus on hover" option (available from gnome tweak) means if I Alt-Tab to another app but my mouse is still over the old window then the old window immediately receives focus again - so Alt-Tab becomes useless!

Is there some way to get the previous behaviour back?


It's available in gnome-tweaks.

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Then run


Go to "Windows" -> "Window focus"


and you're probably looking for "Secondary-Click" option.

  • Thanks! Wow that text is misleading "secondary-click" (?) and the text below in grey doesn't describe it either! There's still some bugs I think; e.g. with this secondary click option I can't raise the focussed window by clicking - unless I click the titlebar or hold the Window Action Key down and then click. Anyway I suppose that's a different question. – artfulrobot May 16 at 14:19
  • Yeah, consistency is not a strong point of the GNOME developers. – Comar May 16 at 18:08

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