Let's consider that we have

  1. Ubuntu MATE 16.04.6 LTS installed.
  2. Google (or other) Calendar account.
  3. Installed some application which can visualize the contents of iCal / iCalendar (ics-file) on desktop using widget / screenlet

    In this question I have installed ClearCalendar screenlet from ppa:screenlets/ppa. It has an option to show ics-file:

    ClearCalendar screenlet

Which application(s) should I install or setup to get automatic periodic file export of iCal calendar on Ubuntu?


For this particular question and tools the following method looks reasonable.

  1. Sign-in to Google Calendar account
  2. Open Settings, go to Settings for my calendars and select needed calendar
  3. Navigate to Integrate calendar subsection
  4. Copy URL of iCal from Secret address in iCal format to clipboard (something like https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/yourusername%40gmail.com/private-01234567890abcdef0123456789abcde/basic.ics)
  5. Download basic.ics file as ~/calendar.ics to test.
  6. Write cron-job for our user for periodic downloading the iCal file.
  7. Enjoy the calendar inside the ClearCalendar screenlet:

    ClearCalendar with Calendar from iCal file

Notes: ClearCalendar is very slow, shows event names and dates (without times) only after manual clicking on it and selecting View Events from context menu. So this solution is not good.

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