I have just finished setting up the binhex/delugevpn docker container and when using any torrent the tracker status shows "Error: connection timed out" after a couple of seconds.

I am new to docker so I may have done something wrong but from what I can tell everything looks to function except for the trackers timing out.

I have port forwarded the incoming ports for deluge in my router and am using PIA as my VPN.


Is anyone able to help? I am able to provide further information if required (I am just unsure what else would be useful)

EDIT - I have also attempted with the VPN disabled and the same issue still occurs

EDIT 2 - Doing ping tests also confirms the container is able to ping both host names and ip addresses


I have found a solution, It involved stopping the container I had running with the issue and I created/run a new container with a slightly different config as follows.

 docker run
 -p 8112:8112
 -p 8118:8118
 -p 58846:58846
 -p 58946:58946
 -v /home/docker/deluge/data:/data
 -v /home/docker/deluge/config:/config
 -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
 -e VPN_USER=xxxxx
 -e VPN_PASS=xxxxxxxx
 -e VPN_PROV=pia
 -e NAME_SERVERS=,,,,,,,
 -e DEBUG=false
 -e UMASK=000
 -e PUID=0
 -e PGID=0

This now results in deluge being able to torrent/download again although I still have the tracker status still showing occasionally as "Error: Connection Timed out"

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