We have an issue in our LAN network which do not allow us to connect through Port 22 to servers outside our network. I am trying to use SSH to connect to EC2 instance in Amazon. Since, SSH connected through Port 22, I am not able to go ahead with it as it indicates: "Connection refused".

Is there anyway I can connect to the instance under such circumstances?


Not that I am aware of. Amazon EC2 does not offer browser based console access. They have a Java client, but I guess it is using port 22 too.

You will have either to get the port 22 open for outgoing connection or find workaround a relay and/or reverse SSH tunnels or use tools like Corkscrew punching holes through http proxies. In the latter case, you have to understand that it may breach corporate policies or reason behind the port 22 is closed in first place.

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