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I want to install ubuntu alongside windows 10 but my laptop specifications are: 2G RAM, 300G HHD, 2.16 GHz dual processor. Could that work!? Because my computer is somewhat limited on resources! I winder if that couldn't affect the performance.

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Yes, it works. You can only boot into Windows or Linux at a time, so they don't have to share the 2GB RAM. But you will need to split your HDD into 2 partitions (the Ubuntu installer will do guide you with this).

  • Okay thanks! That means when you're loged in one OS, another one is no longer accessing the RAM. Except the HDD which is portioned! – Daniel May 14 at 9:02
  • Exactly. At the boot, you will be asked if you want to boot Windows or Ubuntu and only the chosen one will use RAM until you reboot. – Turtle10000 May 14 at 9:03
  • Thank a lot! That helped – Daniel May 14 at 9:04
  • Glad it helped. Please also see the answer of @user953810 when you choose your version of Ubuntu. – Turtle10000 May 14 at 9:08

Are you using ubuntu 18.04 or newer? if yes, it depends on your motherboard and you need 64 bit computer. If no, I recommend using ubuntu 16.04 LTS. you cannot download it on ubuntu.com, but on releases.ubuntu.com

  • It is 64bit and I want to install the latest version Ubuntu 19.04. – Daniel May 14 at 10:41

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