I have a USB stick with lubuntu on it, this computer 1.1 Ghz version, a typical USB hub with a typical USB mouse and keyboard plugged in. It's a fresh boot despite the fact that I tried this driver to get the internal mouse and keyboard working.

If I boot into MacOS then, it works perfectly. I formatted a 150GB partition in ExFat. The only thing I did was boot to lubuntu through a USB. Different applications including: fdisk and gparted don't recognize anything else than the USB. In /dev I only have sda sda1 and sda2 which are the partitions on the USB drive.

I'm not sure whether this is a hard drive driver specific issue, recognizing software issue, or what. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • You haven't said which release of Lubuntu, and I have no knowledge of mac systems, but many unrecognized hdd/sdd situations are fixed by changing the BIOS settings for how drive is accessed – guiverc May 14 at 0:27

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