On my Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3rd gen, I am experiencing frequent irregular hard freezes (cannot switch to tty, nor does the magic sysrq works). It happens randomly, seemingly without any cause (freezes both under load and on idle, with most of the RAM free, swap works though) and there isn't anything obviously wrong when I check /var/log/syslog. The system just freezes without warning requiring hard reboot and then boots like nothing happened. It seems to be limited just to Xubuntu, as I've been running vanilla Ubuntu since Beta and later Ubuntu Mate until recently.

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  • It doesn't have NVidia graphics, just the Intel iGPU. – Tylnesh May 13 at 8:56
  • I just came across your question and it reminded me of a problem I once had with my X1 Carbon 6th Gen. It eventually went away but maybe both problems are correlated. bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1802283 – jnns May 13 at 15:31
  • Doesn't seem like it. Mine only happens in Xubuntu (haven't had the issue in neither Ubuntu nor Ubuntu Mate), and it happens often (today it happened 7 times already). I think I'll just let it be and try Manjaro XFCE, as my next distro hop. – Tylnesh May 13 at 20:56