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Current disk structure only have dev/sd1 with full disk space how can I resize it to get some unallocated space for installing another os?

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You can not resize partition in use, so since you boot from it - you need another bootable media.

  • Make backup of important documents/files, resize operation may fail and you'll loose everything
  • Charge to 100% if you have battery
  • Make a bootable USB with Ubuntu. One of possible ways
  • Boot from it, choose try without installing in boot menu
  • Run gparted and change size of existing partition, decide how much you need for new os. This operation takes time, and must not be canceled/braked
  • Install new OS, then boot into Ubuntu and run update-grub. New os will appear in grub menu after that

    If you have booting problems, boot USB Ubuntu, install and run Boot-Repair. Click "Recommended Repair"

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