OS: Lubuntu 19.04

I downloaded SMPlayer for YouTube and want to add it to my taskbar as a shortcut. But there is no icon in the app menu. I just type its name and the app starts.

How to add an icon and how to add to taskbar?

  • A bit too difficult for me to follow. I dont know the exact name of the app. so how to add it ? as its not even in my menu, Plus I can't use terminal well at all – Russ Smith May 11 at 3:40
  • 'In Command field type the executable command which open your application.'' how on earth am i supposed to know the command? The app is called SMTube. I've no idea how to open it by executable command. – Russ Smith May 11 at 3:54
  • What exactly did you install? Was it smtube? – DK Bose May 11 at 9:19

If you installed smtube, open your file manager and navigate to Computer → File System → usr → share → applications and scroll down till you see the smtube icon.

smtube in /usr/share/applications

Then grab it with your mouse and drag it over to your panel.

smtube in panel

  1. Open terminal using Alt + Ctrl + T and type smtube. It should open SMTube.

  2. Create a text file with the name SMTube.desktop

  3. Paste the following text on it

    #!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment[en_US]=Start SmTube
    Comment=Start SmTube

    Change the icon and name as per your choice.

  4. keep it on your desktop, right click, and open properties, permission tab and check 'Allow executing file as program'.

This will create a shortcut for smtube. Hope this helps.

  • Installing smtube places a .desktop file for smtube called smtube.desktop (as listed in a terminal) in /usr/share/applications. In my opinion, there's no need to create one. – DK Bose May 11 at 10:36

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