When I boot up and choose Ubuntu (I use dual boot, also I run dual screen setup), the VGA and HDMI do not configure properly when HDMI is plugged in. If HDMI is not plugged in the VGA works fine. How can I fix this issue?

output results for Marmayogi List of supported video modes: Legend: mask/position=red/green/blue/reserved Adapter "cirrusCLGD5446PCI Video Driver: no info available Adapter 'VESABIOS Extension Video Driver: VBE info: version 3.0 OEM software rev:1.0 total memory:65472KiB 0*160 848*480*8 (896) palletted 0*161 848*480*16 (1728) Direct color, mask:5/6/5/0 pos:11/5/0/0 *0 *162 848*480*32 (3392) Direct color, mask:8/8/8/8 pos: 16/8/0/24 Edit version 1.3 preferred mode 1360*768 Adapter VGA Driver: no info available

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    Please edit your question and post output of the following commands: 1. lspci -knn | grep -A 3 -E "(VGA|3D)" 2. xrandr and 3. pulseaudio --check -v
    – Marmayogi
    May 9 '19 at 19:14
  • Why do I have to edit my question? It is pretty straight forward. May 9 '19 at 23:21
  • Before attempting to solve your problem, I need to know about HDMI port(s), and other ports such as VGA or DP that your system supports. Are they alive or disconnected? What are the default and recommended screen resolutions? Are drivers up and running? HDMI carries not only video but also audio. So the state of audio daemon should also be known. @Mike Peterson, if it is pretty straight forward then why is the system not behaving as you expected?
    – Marmayogi
    May 10 '19 at 1:52
  • @MikePeterson And you're asking for help as a new user to this site... Surely, if you want your problem solved, you should do whatever is necessary to make it easier for the people whose help you're asking from...
    – Ray
    May 10 '19 at 2:46
  • Does your external monitor have DP (Display port)? If so, please connect your computer with external monitor through DP instead of HDMI and test whether it works. Please report.
    – Marmayogi
    May 10 '19 at 3:45

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