When I plug in my Samsung KU6300 40" 4k TV It is detected as a Samsung 85" in the display settings and the mouse pointer is super tiny

When I open the Nvidia settings I see the problem is that it set the ViewPortOut as 3840x2160 but the ViewPortIn and Panning are set to 7680x4320.

Setting them all to 3840x2160 (same as the laptop monitor of the same resolution) makes it look as it should. But Im using a HiDPI daemon and it handles changing the ViewPortOut and ViewPortIn (changing the latter to 1080p in LoDPI mode) and whenever it changes it, it will reset the TV back to what the system thinks it should be, an 85" TV with a 7680x4320 ViewPortIn and Panning.

Is this saved somewhere? Like I assume there is some file somewhere with a list of monitor hardware identification numbers that its using to get this Samsung 85" TV name along with those settings, can it be edited to the correct values so it is auto detected and set correctly?

Thank you!

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