I am asking a question here that seems to be ridiculous. I'm just letting everyone know I am aware of this is advance. (How does Ubuntu not come with a functional calculator???)

For Ubuntu 16.04.

I am looking for a basic calculator that has "M+" "MC" "MR" "+/-" and a Clear button (the first three are memory). I prefer that it doesn't have you type in your formula, but rather does a "*" when you press the button, but I will accept that if there aren't other options. I'm not interested in calculators that require documentation to use (you have to know what "Ctrl-X does, which you can't learn from the calculators menus).

You can skip the rest of this if you don't want more details.


I have tried gcalc, calculator, gnome-calculate, and Qalculate!. The last one lets you save a variable, which you have to name (cumbersome), but I have no idea how to find the variable later - "history" doesn't show stored variable names, and there are no other buttons to try. The variable "A" comes predefined??? I'm not going to read the documentation for it, as I hate the interface, it's formula based, doesn't have a clear button, and for other reasons. I have no idea why the developers of the first three calculators think their products are functional without having a memory.


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    Maybe speedcrunch? I don't know for certain but it may be your best shot – dsSTORM May 9 at 16:40
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    I don't think there's any need for "How does Ubuntu not come with a functional calculator" with three question marks. Just because it doesn't simulate a pocket calculator, doesn't mean calculator isn't a functional calculator. Real pocket calculators have memory buttons because they're not personal computers. Have you considered using ctrl+c and ctrl+v (aka copy and paste) to do the same job??? – Au101 May 9 at 16:45
  • @Au101 That would work in some cases, but not when you need a cumulative total, with several intermediate calculations. M+ adds whatever the current result is to what's currently in memory. – Arwen May 9 at 17:05
  • Have a look at: askubuntu.com/questions/1098530/… and use the unmodified version. I set up the answer and can modify the python script for you. – WinEunuuchs2Unix May 9 at 17:28
  • @dsSTORM I downloaded that, and it doesn't match the screen on their website - no menus. I got version 0.10.1, and they are at version .12. I tried to upgrade it (it should have installed the latest), but it said I already have the latest. Ctrl-M doesn't give a menu. (There's a complaint about the current version - where they took way the ability to hide the menu with Ctrl-M.) I updated my question to specify "for Ubuntu 16.0.4." Apparently the later versions aren't supported on my OS version. – Arwen May 9 at 17:44

xcalc is perfect, and it's already on the system (x11-apps). It's just like a pocket calculator, has memory, and additionally has factorial and parenthesis.

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