I am using Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and I am unable to move a folder to /var/www/html/

I am receiving the message cannot move to /var/www/html/ No such file or directory.

Can anybody guide me through the step by step process to resolve this issue?

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    As the message says there is no such folder. Before moving files to a folder you have to create it by the mkdir command (make sure you have the required permissions to do so). – muclux May 9 at 6:01
  • I want to install bWAPP so kindly let me know the commands to make it happen – NALIN AWASTHI May 9 at 7:34
  • mkdir -pv /var/www/html – AtomiX84 May 9 at 8:01
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    bWAPP is a PHP application and requires something similar to a lamp stack (at least mysql and php). Since that folder doesn't exist, I guess you don't have apache installed. If you don't know what that means, please don't try to install apache on your productive system. Install Ubuntu in a virtual machine and follow any tutorial to install a lamp stack there (e.g. this one. – danzel May 9 at 9:05
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    Alternatively, use bee-box, a virtual machine with bWAPP preinstalled. The readme says it's even possible to gain root access through bWAPP, so you definitively want to do this in a VM. – danzel May 9 at 9:15

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